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Video 1: Repair & prevent lower back pain

In this video, I will introduce the exercise of a pelvic tilt

1. Find a solid surface like on a yoga mat, on a bed, or on the carpet and lie on your back with your knees bent.  


2. Spend a few minutes learning how to move your pelvis by squeezing your gluteus maximus (butt muscle)


3. Now push through your feet to leverage your pelvic tilt. Do not lift your sacrum off of the surface (the sacrum will tilt up but not leave the surface as it would with a bridge)


4. As you are squeezing your gluteus maximus and tilting your sacrum up, feel your low back press against the surface that you are laying on.

5. Now as you are holding this pelvic tilt notice that your perineum angle up at a 45º angle.  


6. Practice holding this contraction for 5 seconds at a time, resting after each contraction.  


7. Do this for approximately 5 minutes (listen to your body) and focus your attention on these muscles


8. Do a session in the morning and a session at night


9. Your goal is to become more coordinated in this movement.


10. Practice, practice, practice!

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