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Video 2: Repair & prevent lower back pain

In this video, I will teach you step 2. You will then take this knowledge and add it to step 1. This will not increase the time of step 1, but rather increase the number of movements you do in the same period of time.

So let's get to work!


1. Find a solid surface like on a yoga mat, on a bed, or on the carpet, and lie on your back with your knees bent.


2. Engage pelvic tilt and push your lower spine into the surface you are laying on.


3. Hold the pelvic tilt while moving your leg via your hip joint up towards your chest.  It does not matter how far you bring your leg up (90º of hip flexion is fine - this means the thigh is straight vertical)


4. While holding the firm base of the pelvic tilt, lift one leg up and back down to the table for 10 repetitions moving it through the hip joint.


5. Take a rest if you need it and then after 10 reps on one leg, do 10 reps on the other leg. (All while holding the lower back into the surface you are laying on, holding the foundation of the pelvic tilt firm)


6. 3x10 on each leg switching legs after every 10 repetitions


7. Do this twice a day, morning and evening


8. Practice, practice, practice


9. You can even try it standing if everything feels therapeutic

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