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Cason Lehman has been a huge inspiration to me. He has helped me start and sustain a life changing process to better my health. He has described to me the link between our gut health, our diet and depression.  And then explained how eliminating certain foods and adding others can help fight anxiety and depression.   He has been there for me throughout the whole process. His knowledge has helped me eliminate my anxiety. He is someone who cares for the health of others and makes clear the phrases “you are what you eat” and “food is the best medicine”. Cason is a genuine guy who actually cares about individuals and their health and well being for the long term. 


I’ve been fortunate to have been led to Cason Lehman to design an appropriate eating plan for my needs.  I needed to lose some weight and find ways to just feel healthy again.  Cason asked lots of questions to find out about not only what I need, but what my then current eating habits were.  The plan he provided for me has worked wonders.  I’ve now lost 30 lbs which has brought me to my ultimate goal.  And the difference in how I feel is nothing short of amazing.   I had many questions along the way and Cason always took the time to reply with insightful, useful, and effective thoughts.  Now I will be in maintenance mode and I can’t wait to see how that works out.  I don’t feel that the program Cason designed for me is a diet plan as much as a lifetime eating plan.  The program he provided will be my program for life.  It was easy to start, easy to lose the weight, and  maintenance will be easy too.  One thing I found surprising is when I had to travel for long periods of time and I needed to go “off plan”, I found myself being much more conscious about what and how much I ate.  The beauty of the eating plan is that when you go back on it, you end up happier and feeling more healthy than when you went “off plan”.  I’d recommend Cason to anyone who wants to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


In January of 2018 I went to the doctor for a annual physical and weighed in at my largest weight ever, just under 300lbs. Over the last 10 years I had slowly increased weight from around 210lbs to north of 295lbs. I had a lot of excuses: marriage, work, 2 kids, etc. and during that time I would justify the weight gain to myself, makes more excuses on why I shouldn't care about it, and learn to live with all the negative things that much weight gain brings. 


As I left the doctor, I had to find a way to really achieve some success this time around. I had been on diets, work out plans, everything and anything over the last several years trying to lose weight. I would last 2-3 weeks and then just fall back into old habits. I was also dealing with other issues physically and mentally that I knew I needed to fix, brain fog after eating (especially lunch), feeling lethargic often, being bloated and gassy almost daily, and frequent heartburn. So, knowing I needed to make a real change, I chose to hire Cason for a evaluation. 


When we first started talking I was hesitant and honestly a little pessimistic that this would be a real solution for me. My plan was to hear what Cason had to say, maybe pick an item or 2 that was interesting, and then try to put something together myself moving forward. But as we got to talking and Cason started to explain the science and reasoning behind food, it's effect on our body's immune system, brain function, and it's overall purpose, a light went on in my head. There is something special that happens when you are able to take the cover out from your eyes and see something new for the first time. That is what happened to me when Cason and I finished. For the first time I really saw food as a power source for my body, I saw the science and reasoning behind food and what foods are good for you and what foods are not and why. Of course I had 100 questions but Cason was always willing to answer them and take it one step further and give me suggestions and options for foods and ideas. Turning that light on is all it took for me to know this was different. This was not going to be a 2-3 week diet that I would fail. I knew that this was going to be a life changing moment for me that I would carry forever. 

Since that first meeting, I have lost over 50lbs (in less than 5 months) just by eating the right foods and I am not done yet. I have not worked out a single day (I know, I know- this will start happening in phase 2) but I wanted to see where feeding by mind and body correctly would take me before I instituted a new workout plan. I also know, that if I try to make too many life changes at once, I will not be successful. The weight loss has been great but it has not been the only benefit. My brain fog is gone, my energy levels are way up, I am rarely ever gassy or bloated, where I was taking 2-3 heartburn pills a day, in the last several months I may have taken a 5-6 total. I feel younger, livelier, and happier. 

I am incredibly thankful for Cason and all the knowledge and support he has and continues to give me. He has changed my life, my families lives, and I know things are only going to continue to get better. 


Please check out Cason and his brand of positive influence to help heal your mind body and soul. What a refreshing positive force in my life for the last decade plus. I’m happy to see him sharing his mindful wisdom with the world. Look out for a book that might change your life soon!  Thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do to all who are willing to follow along. You are truly an inspiration Cason Lehman


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