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Why Change Is So Hard

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

It all starts with an intention. To make any kind of change in your life you have to have a clear picture in your mind of what you want in the future. However, change doesn't happen with just an intention. This is why its so hard to change. This clear intention must be married with an elevated emotion.

Most of us have all had an idea of wanting to change in our lives but over time our intention never manifests. This is because the feeling is missing. Thoughts are the language of the mind and feelings are the language of the body, and to create change the two of these must be congruent.

When the body becomes addicted to the hormones of stress, as most of us have subconsciously become addicted to the chemicals of stress-fear, guilt, unworthiness, anxiety, shame, worry, judgement, envy, disgust, anger, sadness, regret, greed, lack, etc. These thoughts are subconsciously running the show in our lives. The cells of body become the mind by wanting the chemical signature that these neuropeptides create. Essentially, we become addicted to these thoughts and we aren't even consciously aware of it.

So to change we first must become aware of what our subconscious habits of thinking are. We must be the observer of our thoughts throughout the day. Become aware of what we are thinking. We must ask ourselves "what thoughts do I no longer want to think?'

Once we realize where our habitual thinking goes, we then have a choice to either think that way or stop the thought before it subconsciously enters into our body. This decision to not be run by these lower vibration, stressful thoughts creates an elevated emotion in itself. When we decide that we are going to take back the power and not run on a program of the past then we can now create a new future.

To create a new future we have to go back to our clear intention and ask ourselves.

What emotions will I feel when my intention comes into my reality?

What kind of energy will I have?

Who will I be?

How will I love?

We take this clear intention of the positive change that we want to make and teach our bodies how it will feel when it happens. By teaching our bodies these feelings we are sending a new chemical signature to every cell of our body. Turning on new genes in new ways. And NOT signaling the genes of the past stress filled emotions.

By practicing this daily and even many times throughout the day we are unwiring the old habitual neurological networks. and by thinking new thoughts and feeling the feeling we evolving. This is epigenetics. And we did it by thought alone.

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