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You Are Enough!

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Everything you need to reach your maximum potential and highest self are already within. We are a parts list of possibilities. Inside of our cells lives the potential of the most potent pharmacy. Every molecule, cell, tissue, organ and system of your body has the structure, function and the chemistry to make our goals and future dreams a become a reality.

The challenge is that we have been conditioned to believe that the answer, the cure, the fix is in some outside person, place or thing. We think its the weight loss, the abs, the car, the house, the girl, the new pair of kicks, etc that are going to bring us the happiness we are longing for. All of these "things" create an emotion that bring us the feeling that we are chasing. We chase "things"for an emotional payoff. They give us a feeling. What we don't consciously understand, yet, is that these feelings are already within us available at anytime, anywhere and during any outside condition. We just have to learn how to generate these feelings by thought alone.

Every thought has a unique chemical signature. When neurons fire they create a batch of neurochemicals. This batch of neurochemicals then goes into the limbic brain and it whips up a batch of neuropeptides. From there, the neuropeptides rush into the blood stream to the hormonal centers of the body. The body now feels a certain feeling or emotion from the thought we just had.

When we live in the hormones of stress, the body is being inoculated with the a rush of the chemicals that are a signature of each stressful thought we have. It's a scientific fact that the hormones of stress are a precursor to most all disease. Most of theses stresses that we create in our life come from our thinking alone. Our stressful job, our annoying co-worker, our bills, our spouse, kids ,etc. We live by these hormones. We identify ourselves by these hormones. And our cells become addicted to the chemical rush of these hormones. This is mostly all beyond our conscious awareness.

By thought alone we can make ourselves sick, have pain, and develop chronic disease.

If then, by thought alone, we can create enough dis-ease in the cells of our body to make us sick, my question is can we reverse that? Can we create a state of homeostasis in our body by thinking and feeling in a new elevated state enough times to make us well?

The answer is, no doubt, YES WE CAN!

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